About Us

Welcome to the Servitium Christi Website!

This site was “Launched” in July 2014. If you are a “Visitor” to the site, we hope that it will help you to understand our way of life, the way of life to which God has called us.

If you are a Member of Servitium Christi, we hope that you will find the website to be an important element of our world-wide communication, and a valuable enhancement of our Community.

Secular Institutes were formally recognised by the Church with the promulgation by Pope Pius Xll in 1947 of Provida Mater Ecclesia.

Servitium Christi was founded on 6th January 1952 in The Hague, Holland, by Fr. Godfried Spiekman sss, then Superior General of the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament. He was responding to St. Peter Julian Eymard’s wish to have a Eucharistic Congregation “for men and women in all walks of life”. The Institute was established in collaboration with Founder Members Miss Ton Golsteijn and Miss Han Bollen, who subsequently became its first two General Directresses. The Institute was erected in the Diocese of Rotterdam, but was granted Pontifical Right in 2010.

Servitium Christi is a dispersed Community. Members remain living in their own homes (though some may if they wish opt to share accommodation). We are closely bonded through our regular meetings and on-going communication with each other, and by our shared Eucharistic Charism and Calling.

A General Assembly (Chapter) takes place every six years attended by elected delegates. The General Directress and General Council are elected during the Assembly.

Under the General Directress and her Council, the Members are grouped in Regions and Centres, depending on their Geographical Location. Members who live isolated from others are attached to a Centre, or to the General Council. Regional and Local Directresses are elected in the Regions or Centres, every three years.

From its small beginning in The Netherlands, the Institute has now spread far and wide with Members in Holland, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Italy, the Czech Republic, Gt. Britain, Ireland, USA, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Vietnam the Philippines, and most recently, in Argentina.

Pontifical Right

After its foundation in Holland in 1952, Servitium Christi was approved by the Bishop of Rotterdam, and became and Institute of Diocesan Right. We were under the protection of the Bishop of Rotterdam, and we turned to him for advice, dispensation, etc. The relationship was a very fruitful one.

As the Institute grew, however, it became apparent that the next stage of development - the up-grading to Pontifical Right – was a natural aspiration. The application was made to the Holy See, and a lengthy process of examination and adjustment followed. On 9th December 2010, Servitium Christi was formally up-graded to Pontifical Right by decree of the Holy See. We are now under the protection of our Holy Father the Pope through the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life, and its Prefect (currently his Eminence Joao Braz Cardinal Aviz).